Profile of A Leader From The Book of Acts

Profile Of A Leader From The Book Of Acts

“If God will.” Acts 18:21

Leadership can be defined in one word, “Influence.”

Missionary Craig Sully taught a very relevant lesson to the pastors in Ghana in 1995. Some of the points of that lesson are given here.

A spiritual leader should know the following:

Þ His own spiritual condition.

Þ The direction of his own ministry.

Þ The future of his own ministry.

Þ The spiritual condition of the church.

Þ The direction of the church.

Þ The future of the church.

All of these things can be known by prayer, fasting, reading the Word of God, and revelation or confirmation from God through the Gifts of the Spirit. Let us examine Acts 18 to discover some of the characteristics of a spiritual leader:

Leaders Never Travel Alone

“And Priscilla and Acquilla were with him. ”

(Acts 18:18)

We must constantly be involved in the internship/apprenticeship method of training. This is called, “on the job training.” This is the method that Jesus used as He trained his twelve traveling companions for three and a half years. We must always practice disciple making.

Leaders Have A

Hidden Life With God

“For he had a vow.” (Acts 18:18)

He had a deep commitment to the Lord and wanted to obey. It has been said that the “leader that leads also precedes.” You must be an example of all you ask your people to do. Do not ask them to give unless you are willing to give; fast unless you are willing to fast; pray unless you are willing to pray, etc. It is often said that we “should practice what we preach.” But let’s take this one step further, we should rather preach what we practice.

“The highest reward for a man’s work is not what he gets for it but rather what he becomes by it.” -American Way

Leaders Have A Burden To Reach Out

“Entered into the synagogue.” (Acts 18:19)

Paul took advantage of every opportunity to preach/minister. He had a burden for souls to be saved.

Leaders Are Wanted By Those Who Follow

“They desired him.” (Acts 18:20)

You can always tell whom the leader is by watching to see if anyone is following him. Leaders always have people following them.

Leaders Know When To Say, “No”

“He consented not.” (Acts 18:20)

True leadership comes when we know what God wants and we act accordingly. Many problems arise in churches when leaders do not stay long enough to see a breakthrough. Another danger is for leaders to stay in a given area of responsibility too long.

“My Food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and finish his work.” (John 4:34)

Leaders Know When To Say, “Good Bye”

“Bade them farewell.” (Acts 18:21)

Leaders Are Surrendered to the Will of God

“If God will.” (Acts 18:21)

Leaders Have Some Time For Every body

“Paul saluted the church, went down to Antioch and went over all the country.”

(Acts 18:22, 23)

Leaders Must Impart Something Into Those They Lead

“Strengthening all the disciples.”

(Acts 18:23)

It is not correct to evangelize and make converts without proper follow up from time to time. In these times of follow up, new believers should be contacted and prayed with; instructed in sound doctrine; encouraged to meet others to fellowship within a Bible believing Church; encouraged to pray, worship, fast, witness, and read the Word; encouraged to be used in the gifts of the Spirit and manifest the fruit of the Spirit.

“A good leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” One characteristic of all leaders is the ability to make things happen.

Study Questions

1. What are some of the things that a spiritual leader should know? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. How can leadership be defined using one word? _____________________

3. What is the highest reward for a man’s work? ___________________


4. What is meant by, “a leader that leads also precedes”? _____________


5. How can you always tell who is a leader? _______________________


6. Who is a good leader? ___________


7. What should be done in follow up of new believers? __________________


8. What is one characteristic of all leaders? ______________________


9. When does true leadership come? __________________________________________________________

10. What two things have proven to be a problem when deciding how long to stay at one place? ___________________


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