Deacon in Today's Church: Assistants in Church Growth

Deacons in Today’s Church;

Assistants in Church Growth

“...Look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.”

Acts 6:3

Deacons (local church leaders) in the church can be very instrumental and helpful in relieving the pastor of the many responsibilities of running a church. They can also be useful in assisting with the establishment and oversight of preaching points and churches.

God has a plan for the Deacons in Today’s Church and you must know what is required of you. As with any job you need a Job Description. The first Deacons had to demonstrate that they lived continuously under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and as a Christian.

According to Willmington’s Guide to the Bible the Job Description for Deacons is as follows:

· They must be MEN.

· They must be SAVED.

· They must be REPUTABLE.

· They must be SPIRITUAL.

· They must possess WISDOM.

Deacons must have the spirit and anointing along with the pastors. Anyone who has responsibility in the House of God must move in the Spirit.

When you look in Acts 6 you will notice that Deacons existed because of Church Growth. The Church had grown so rapidly that there was a shortage of people available to perform the necessary leadership tasks. Instead of pastors praying and preaching they were performing other functions. The church had grown to the point that there were so many needs; both spiritual and material. Because of the growth of the Church the Deacons were called upon to share the WORK LOAD. They assisted the pastor. These men were chosen by the people and were to be full of the Holy Ghost, honest, and have a good report.

The Deacons were to love the truth and love God. They were people in the church that could be trusted. They knew their place and did not try to overstep their place or run the spiritual affairs of the church. They existed to HELP, be a blessing, be trustworthy, and to do good things for the Church. Deacons must love souls more than position and seek God for souls to come into the Kingdom. If Deacons will seek God then something will happen to them. They won’t be ordinary saints anymore.

Deacons need to be used in the Spirit just like Stephen and Philip. You can become a Book of Acts man! Stephen was a Deacon; full of faith and the Holy Ghost. He had faith IN God and WITH God. He assisted in INCREASING the Church. When you do things God’s way then the blessings of God will be upon the Church.

Stephen, in Acts 6:8 was full of faith and power and did great wonders and miracles. In Acts 6:10 they were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke to them.

Study Questions

1. Why are Deacons necessary in the Church today? __________________


2. What is the Job Description for a Deacon? ______________________


3. Who are two examples of Spiritual Deacons in Acts? ________________


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